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Top 20 Semiconductor Tech Companies in Europe - 2021

Semiconductors are key technology enablers that power many of today’s cutting-edge digital devices. The global semiconductor industry is set to continue its growth well into the next decade due to emerging technologies such as autonomous driving, artificial intelligence (AI), 5G and the Internet of Things, together with constant R&D spending and competition among major organisations. The semiconductor sector is well positioned to profit from the digitalized and connected world if the essential investments are made to deal with unanticipated disruptions and seize new possibilities. The demand for AI processors is growing with the growing usage of these technologies. The semiconductor sector, like any other industry, relies on AI apart other technologies for its advancement. IoT is another such technology that is gaining traction in the industry.

The industry’s shift towards digitization has opened up a world of new possibilities for semiconductor manufacturers to develop new products. In the latest edition of Semiconductor Review Tech Europe, we have combined a list of, “Top 20 Semiconductor Tech Companies - 2021” to support players in the field to navigate through the products that exist today. A distinguished panel of experts, comprising, CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and the Semiconductor Review editorial board have selected the most promising semiconductor manufacturing solution providers.

We present to you Semiconductor Tech Review’s “Top 20 Semiconductor Manufacturing Solution Providers in EU - 2021”.

    Top Semiconductor Tech Companies in Europe

  • Carten Controls is a designer, manufacturer, and supplier of high-performance valves and flow solutions for ultra-high-purity systems. Today, Carten's core semiconductor business pertains to controlling the distribution of ultra-high purity bulk (UHP) gases–from cryogenically frozen liquid stored onsite at semiconductor wafer fabrication (FAB) sites to vaporized UHP gases distributed throughout the FAB for supply to semiconductor equipment tools.

  • ClassOne Technology designs and manufactures new advanced wet-chemical process tools -Electroplating Tools, Spray Solvent Tools, and Spin Rinse Dryers - especially for the cost-sensitive producers of MEMs, Power Devices, RF, LEDs, Photonics, Sensors, Microfluidics and other emerging technologies. While these market segments have long been underserved or ignored by the larger equipment manufacturers, ClassOne Technology focuses on providing the high-quality wet process and electroplating equipment you require. The company offers innovative new solutions for various applications on 3"​ to 8"​ substrates of many materials, including silicon, glass, sapphire, GaAs, GaN, Ge, InP and HgCdTe.

  • SPM


    A semiconductor technology provider that offers Fabs services in upgrading their already existing toolsets and integrated chip production equipment.Founded in 2008, SPM works closely with its clients’ engineers to understand the inherent issues within production lines and equipment. The close cooperation with the engineers allows SPM to offer the right solutions in enabling semiconductor fabricators to attain higher throughput and increase production yield with improved productivity.Nurturing the mindset to go the extra mile, SPM’s offers a mixture of expertise, willingness to discuss/brainstorm issues, and ability to deduce solutions, which enable customers to experience real value from even the old chambers involved in the semiconductor production processes

  • VectraWave has expertise in developing a whole range of families of MMICs, radio frequency integrated circuits (RFIC), electro-optical integrated components (EOICs), and multi-chip modules (MCMs). While their MMIC product range spans amplifiers, phase shifters, attenuators, and multi-function chips (MFCs), they are also proficient in developing MCMs, RF/fibre and optical modules, transmit and receive modules (TRM), and solid-state power amplifiers (SSPA), among others. Interestingly, VectraWave’s technological prowess extends across a wide range of foundry processes, including Gallium Arsenide (GaAs), Gallium Nitride on Silicon Carbide (GaN/SiC), Gallium Nitride on Silicon (GaN/Si), Silicon Germanium (SiGe), Silicon on Insulator (SOI), and Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS). Also, they cater to solutions operating from DC to 70 GHz frequency range.

  • Zero EC is disrupting the fundamentals of data transport with its patented technology that harnesses free electrons for high-performance data transfer with practically zero energy consumption. The company’s innovative first product Zero Voltage Reader (ZVR) - Interconnect uses free electrons to address several challenges of semiconductor manufacturers and opens up a new type of interconnect. With its innovative product, Zero EC aspires to tackle existing and future challenges of chiplet design. At the moment, Zero EC is developing products to help the ICT industry harness the true potential of its free electron technology and has filed for more than ten patents for the same

  • Aehr Test Systems

    Aehr Test Systems

    Headquartered in Fremont, California, Aehr Test Systems is a worldwide provider of test systems for burning-in and testing logic, optical, and memory integrated circuits and has over 2,500 systems installed worldwide. High quality and reliability needs of the Automotive and Mobility integrated circuit markets are driving additional test requirements, incremental capacity needs, and new opportunities for Aehr Test products in package, wafer level, and singulated die/module level test. Aehr Test has developed and introduced several innovative products, including the ABTS and FOX-P families of test and burn-in systems

  • Applied Seals NA

    Applied Seals NA

    Applied Seals NA (ASNA) offers a portfolio of specialty materials to meet the stringent requirements of the most sophisticated industries globally–including the formidable semiconductor, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, aerospace, & solar industries. To assure manufacturing to these requirements, Applied Seals has learned to understand these market niches fully and develop lines of materials vigilant in matching and exceeding those requirements. The list of these materials, our proprietary semiconductor-grade Perfrez™ perfluoroelastomer compounds, are produced to achieve the most advanced sealing compounds on the global market and are ever-evolving to continue to become the leaders in these unique technologies.

  • Atek Midas

    Atek Midas

    ATEK Mikrodalga A.S. (ATEK MIDAS) is a technology company working on the high-frequency integrated circuit (RFIC/MMIC) products as its roadmap. Its main target markets are Satellite Communication, Telecommunications, Test & Measurement, and Aerospace & Defense. Its core integrated circuit (RFIC/MMIC) technologies enable it to create performance-driven products by eliminating obsolescence risks. ATEK MIDAS also develops customized IC and module-based solutions on need. The company’s goal is to continue expanding our team with motivated and talented engineers while adhering to our high-quality standards.

  • Atlas Copco

    Atlas Copco

    Atlas Copco is a world-leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions. Customers benefit from its innovative compressors, vacuum solutions, air treatment systems, construction equipment, power tools, and assembly systems. Atlas Copco has been turning industrial ideas into business-critical benefits since 1873. Listening to its customers and knowing their needs delivers value and innovates with the future in mind. Atlas Copco is based in Stockholm, Sweden, with customers in more than 180 countries. In 2019, Atlas Copco had BSEK104 (BEUR 10) revenues and about 39 000 employees at year-end.

  • Brooks Instrument

    Brooks Instrument

    Brooks Instrument semiconductor products deliver on those requirements, with the industry’s most advanced flow, pressure, vacuum, and vapor delivery solutions. The company’s portfolio of semiconductor products is built on its decades of experience creating many groundbreaking measurement and control devices that are now standard components of process tools at every industry level. Brooks Instrument is a global leader in precision fluid measurement and control technology. The company enables precision process performance and delivers results that consistently create a competitive advantage for its customers.

  • ChipGlobe


    ChipGlobe GmbH is an ISO-certified company that provides engineering services for customers in the field of system-on-chip solutions. The company focuses on Functional Verification, RTL Design, Firmware, TLM, Program Management, FPGA developments, Application Boards, Prototyping Embedded Systems, Hardware Encryption. ChipGlobe GmbH was founded at the beginning of 2014 by Volker Frisch, one of the initiators and key executive members of frobas GmbH, whose team of experts had been active in global projects since 2003.

  • Codasip Group

    Codasip Group

    Codasip was founded on a simple belief – it could bring together the brilliance of microprocessor architects and software engineers and capture it in tools that made design simpler, faster, and less expensive. The company was created in 2014 with the mission of democratizing processor design. Codasip is a leading supplier of processing solutions for IC designers, offering products based on open standards such as the RISC-V ISA, LLVM, and UVM. The company is a founding member of RISC-V International (formerly RISC-V Foundation), and it was the first company to offer a commercial RISC-V IP core in 2015.



    DIAMFAB, an innovative company expert in electronic grade diamond for high power and extreme conditions. At the crossroads of advanced technologies in the semiconductor sector, the company deploys its innovative synthetic diamond solution for high power and extreme conditions. A spin-off of the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), DIAMFAB provides the semiconductor industry with the best diamond R&D. The company has an application-oriented approach that combines diamond growth and device development to acquire unique expertise and mastery on epitaxial diamond layers qualities and properties.

  • EFFECT Photonics

    EFFECT Photonics

    EFFECT Photonics develops products for fiber-optic communication systems based on Photonic Integrated Circuit technology. The company is currently developing several DWDM products for access and metro networks. As a spin-out of the prestigious Technical University of Eindhoven, EFFECT Photonics takes a platform approach to integration using high-yielding building blocks within the wafer. Growing different quaternary alloys of Indium Phosphide on a single wafer means that all of the system's active and passive optical functions can be created within a single chip, which is then combined with simple packaging, designed for high-volume, low-cost manufacture from the very start.

  • Empower Semiconductor

    Empower Semiconductor

    Empower Semiconductor solves the fundamental problems in power delivery for data-intensive applications. Empower’s patented IVR technology integrates dozens of components into a single IC, increasing efficiency, shrinking footprints by 10x, and delivering power with unprecedented simplicity, speed & accuracy, and with zero discrete components. This IVR technology addresses a $10B opportunity with various applications, including mobile, 5G, AI, and data centers. The company is based in Milpitas, CA, and is led by highly experienced power experts and executives.

  • Ichor Systems

    Ichor Systems

    Ichor is the leader in designing, engineering, and manufacturing critical fluid delivery subsystems and components for semiconductor capital equipment. Its products include the gas and chemical delivery subsystems, which are critical elements in the process tools for manufacturing commercial semiconductors. Ichor provides world-class design engineering, value-added manufacturing, efficient materials management, and precision testing capabilities. The company is strategically located to provide the highest customer service and support from our program management, sales, engineering, and executive management, teams.

  • Lyocon


    Founded in 2014, Lyocon benefits from 15+ years of experience in lasers and photonics to offer their expertise in the design, development, and production of laser sources and systems. Its mission is to manufacture laser systems or sub-assemblies for the industrial and the aesthetical-medical markets, as well as to work for laser companies needing specific developments and custom products. The company’s expertise includes state-of-the-art design capability of lasers, optics, mechanics, and electronics, supported by the use of specific simulation software and tools

  • Nova


    Nova delivers continuous innovation by providing advanced metrology solutions for the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Deployed with the world’s largest integrated-circuit manufacturers, Nova’s novel technologies provide semiconductor manufacturers with the right process insight and clarity required to boost process performance, product yields, and time to market. Nova’s people are masters at bringing pioneering metrology solutions to the world of process control. The company is experts at industrializing lab technologies and developing emerging metrology solutions to enhance process control and facilitate its customers’ challenging technical transitions.



    Part of OSRAM Group, based in Premstaetten/Graz with a co-headquarters in Munich, OSRAM is a global leader in optical solutions. With over 110 years of combined history, the company adds intelligence to light and passion to innovation to enrich people’s lives. Its core is defined by deep engineering expertise and the ability to provide global industrial capacity in sensor and light technologies. Its 30,000 employees worldwide focus on innovation across sensing, illumination, and visualization to make journeys safer, medical diagnosis more accurate, and daily moments a richer experience.

  • Pfeiffer Vacuum

    Pfeiffer Vacuum

    Pfeiffer Vacuum is one of the world’s leading developers, manufacturers, and suppliers of vacuum solutions. With the invention of the turbopump, the company revolutionized vacuum technology in 1956 and has since then been synonymous with innovative vacuum technology, high-quality standards, and first-class customer service. In addition to a full range of hybrid and magnetically levitated turbopumps, the product portfolio comprises backing pumps, leak detectors, components, measurement and analysis devices, as well as vacuum systems and chambers.